Hello world!

So this is happening 🙂

Since I have been actively involved in the startup community (as a startup scout and storyteller), plus I love to travel and discover new places and meet new people (who doesn’t?!?) creating this blog came naturally 🙂 except the selfie part. Now you wonder, why did I called it STARTUPSELFIE then?

Well, I must admit that I see people enjoy taking selfies all the time, every day, every where. Personally I suck at making a good selfie and it’s gonna take me a lot to master this skill. But, I love a challenge, so it is on!

What is STARTUPSELFIE representing?

The idea for this blog is to meet new people involved in the startup community in their city, whenever I’m on the road, to meet up for a coffee, ask personal and professional questions, share experiences, learn new tips and tricks and take a selfie! Every person I meet will be featured here!

How will I find these startup enthusiasts?

Starting from events, meet-ups, conferences from my startup community, but also I was introduced to startuptravels.com so I’ll go from there.

What is the aim?

To meet as many startup enthusiasts as possible. To see how different or similar they are from city to city. But, also to promote the entrepreneurial way of life. By sharing  stories I hope to inspire people to get involved in the ‘startup world’. Because sharing is caring!

If you are eager to see who will I meet on my STARTUPSELFIE journey, keep it up with this page click like on facebook & follow on twitter!

P.S. Don’t hesitate to give a feedback on the blog. This is just the beginning and there is a room for improvement. Leave a comment and let’s make it as interactive as possible 🙂


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