Startupselfie Storyteller is…

It is only the right thing to do, to introduce myself, before I start sharing stories about people I meet on my STARTUPSELFIE journey.

My name is Nina and I am 27 y/o. For exactly one year I have been involved (and still am) the first and only startup scout for the Macedonian startup community for the amazing StartUp media outlet based in Vienna.

But I fell in love with the startups hype, during my first visit to Stockholm, when I attended STHLMTech.
Then and there I knew I wanted to get involved in the startup community. So here I am. After a yearlong of attending events/ meetups, startupweekend’s, grinds, silicon drinkabouts, (you name it)… Feeling ready to start this journey of meeting amazing startup enthusiasts around the world!

If you want to meet me on my journey, feel free to drop me a line. Let’s share experiences, grab a coffee and take a selfie 🙂

You want to know more about me and my work and where I am off to next?

Find me on LinkedInTwitter: StartupTravels


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