A for… Athens

So for many, August is the month for summer vacations (especially for the Greek startup community :), but not for me. I have used these “vacation days” for visiting Athens for the first time and of course trying to meet the startup community.

To start with, I have used startuptravels.com where I’ve found an interesting group of people from the Athens startup community. I contacted them all where I explained who am I, what I do and whats my mission while in Athens. Surprisingly or not, many of them did reply and were excited to meet me, grab a coffee and take a selfie. Unfortunately, because of the vacation month and probably my “bad timing” for visiting Athens, many of them were not in the city at the time I was there.

Most of all, I am sorry that because of that, I wasn’t able to meet the most helpful person I found on startuptravels: Maria-Louiza Laopodi – Founder of Cultinet (an online matchmaking platform connecting Managers and Visual Artists). She is without doubt, the person to go to, when it comes to the Athens startup scene. Thanks a lot Maria and we will meet someday for sure!

So, my first day in Athens went something like this: Arriving at the airport early in the morning, catching the first bus to Syntagma Square where my hotel was located (the best area in my opinion since almost everything is in a walking distance: Plaka, Psirri, Monastiraki, and Acropolis of course). Taking a quick shower, getting dressed and rushing trough the door to catch the metro which takes me to Found.ation.

“Found.ation is turning Enthusiasts into Entreprenurs”

“Found.ation is top-notch, privately funded and operated technology hub located in Athens, Greece. Originally established in 2011 as one of the first co-working spaces in SE Europe, Found.ation’s mission is to develop and mature local aspiring startup companies and talent by creating nationwide acceleration programs and a market-oriented Startup Education program, alongside quality events and hackathons.

In the past 12 months alone, Found.ation hosted or accelerated 60 different startup companies in three acceleration batches, leading them to secure more than 2 million dollars in total funding by Greek and International Investors. During the same period, it hosted more than 100 Educ.ation offerings, events and hackathons.”

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I was warmly welcomed, with a hot coffee and ice-cold water (exactly what I needed after my long journey) and had couple of minutes to roam around the building, before my meeting. The place looks amazing and I can only imagine how cool it is when it is full with like-minded people and startup enthusiasts.

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So, when in Athens you should definitely check out Found.ation, and in the next post you will see the first #StartupSelfie from Athens! 🙂


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