#StartUpSelfie #3

Saturday was reserved for roaming around Syntagma square. I didn’t had any meetings for that day, so me and my friend decided to explore the area. We got ice cold delicious frappes to go, from the nearby coffee shop and we were all set to enjoy the sights. After taking tons of selfies in front of the parliament with the guards, after enjoying the sights from Acropolis and having delicious pita gyros in a cute and very authentic restaurant in Plaka, we were headed to the shopping district before sunset. OK, by now, you surely wonder what this post is going to be about?

Well it never ceases to amaze me, the magic that happens on the streets from time to time. When you are out there, you never know who you might end up meeting on the street, or ‘anywhere out’ in general. It has happened to me a lot of times, I bet it has happened to any of you too. This was a very random, but cute encounter.

As we were going to the Attica department store, I have noticed and passed by an Algida ice-cream “booth” twice in the past days, but never payed any attention about why it was there. To me it was just a regular ‘selling ice-cream spot’ near very vibrant street. But this time, the girl approached me and was explaining something, that because of the language, I couldn’t understand. When she figured, she said:”Would you like to buy an ice-cream, to help the young entrepreneurs from Athens?” Well, of course!!!

But I needed to know the story behind it and what’s ice-cream have to do with startups?

“This initiative is coming from Algida-Greece in collaboration and partnership with the municipality of Athens. The aim is to help the young and aspiring entrepreneurs from Athens with funds, to further develop their startups. Algida is sponsoring the ice-creams, the municipality is providing the space for the ‘booths’ and giving the platform where the interested startup enthusiast could apply. This campaign started in the beginning of August and will last till the end of September and we have these ‘booths’ on three different locations in the city. ” said Michaela (25y/o).

This approach, amazed me big times, I must admit. First of all, because how cool it is to combine ice-cream with startups? And second, because I support every initiative that is helping the startup community.

“In October there will be an open call where young entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts that are residents in the municipality of Athens could apply. There will be rules and criteria in the form by which, the best ones or the ones that are in need, will get the funds collected from this initiative. Everything will be transparent and by mid/late October we will find out who got funded. Also, they will be promoted and serve as an example and motivation for all the young people” said Giannis (20y/o), Michaela’s colleague.

Soon as I finished ‘interrogating’ them, me and my friend got some more ice-cream and I explained that we need to take a selfie for the blog. They were super cool to talk to, but there was not much time to get into details, because these guys were eager to collect more funds for the young entrepreneurs. As I was waving them goodbye I was thinking how these type of initiatives should be in every city and how they are a real booster to the eco-system. I am so much looking forward to future ‘selfies’ of this type.

Until then, I have to inform you that this is the last #StartUpSelfie from Athens, for now. It was a very interesting and informative trip for me. I meet super cool people from the Athens startup community, learned a lot about how they’re functioning and what’s happening and hopefully there will be more selfies coming from Athens in the upcoming period. Also, I hope that these first blog posts were interesting for you as well, and you will keep up with me on my journey.

Till the next selfie, subscribe on the blog and don’t miss out. because I have more exciting stories coming up next!


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