#StartUpSelfie a bit different

So it has been a while since my last blog post, but I have to admit that it is all because hectic traveling schedules for October. Unplanned travels turned into interesting opportunities where I’ve managed to meet amazing people from different startup communities. Now I’m back on track and more than 10 stories are waiting to be shared with all of you that are eager to find out with whom I discussed all-about startups. I can assure you that from now on they will be posted on a regular basis đŸ™‚

This #StartUpSelfie is a bit different from the others. It’s part of the Istanbul series that started from my last post  and will continue in the following period. Before my trip to Istanbul I was challenged (from my startup community) to meet some of the key note speakers. Since I do love a challenge and this one might looked a bit hard to complete (regarding the fact that more than 2000 people were attending the event) I wasn’t really sure how will I manage to do that. But as the conference started, I was trying to find my seat and by a coincidence in front of me was the one and only Mr. Steve Blank, so I decided to take my chance and start a conversation. It was minutes before he had to go on stage, but the fact is that we did took a selfie and when I explained that I will post it on my blog while handing him my business card he said: “What a cool name, I already like it”.

For those of you who might not know who Steve Blank is let’s say that over the last 35 years, Steve has been part of, or co-founded eight Silicon Valley startups and his article about building early stage companies turned into a book that launched the Lean Startup movement. During his opening speech at Startup Istanbul he shared very insightful information that I believe everyone interested in startups, especially lean ones should get to hear his points of view.

“To be honest, I would’t want to take money from people who are interested in fancy Power Point slides, I’d be interested in people who want to invest in somebody who learns rapidly and is able to actually match the market” – Steve Blank.

Check out the full fireside chat here:

My full attention was towards the main stage and I almost missed that the Founder & Troublemaker at 500Startups was standing next to me. It wasn’t easy to approach him because he was all surrounded by his team members, but somehow I’ve managed to meet him also minutes before he went on stage. Dave McClure had an outstanding and a bit “depressing” presentation, which left everyone in the audience with their mouths to the floor đŸ™‚

“Actual functional products and growth strategies are what are useful to build businesses and great founders, of course. But, I’d rather see expense projections, than revenue projections, at least you might not be lying to me about spending money. And I really want to see more marketing plans (on how to acquire new customers), not so much business plans!” said Dave about investing in emerging markets.

“So, if you think running a startup is a bad idea, running an accelerator is even worse idea…”
Check out his full presentation:

Also, there was a Q&A session with Dave McClure where you can probably find an answer to your question as well:

It is a real pleasure to meet both of them and be part of this year’s StartUp Istanbul. With that being said, you need to start planing your trip to Istanbul for next year’s event. Until then, you can check out here, what all speakers said this time around.
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