#StartUpSelfie #9

Since we already established that co-working spaces are THE thing in Istanbul and I got an invite to visit another one, couple of hours before my departure, I was headed to Kolektif House. It ranks among the most popular co-working spaces in the city and as they like to say, Kolektif House believes that “we are stronger together”, and through this belief provides creative, social, and efficient work spaces for all entrepreneurs, freelancers and companies.


As soon as I arrived there I was warmly welcomed, but since it was so last minute decision to stop by, I missed the co-founder Ahmet Onur because he was out in the other co-working space that they are establishing. Hopefully we will have another opportunity to meet, sit down and discuss startups. As  I was roaming around the place, the first person I met there was this California raised young man, that decided to explore Istanbul and start his startup from here. He was interested to be featured on the blog, but since he was new in the city and his business idea is in development phase, he wasn’t feeling comfortable to share much (If you are reading this, get in touch).

Kolektif House1 (4)

On the upper floor I could see people working in groups, but also freelancers and as I was looking for someone that works in a startup, the next person I met was a guy, typing on his laptop, alone in his office. I introduced myself and what I do, he was caught by surprise, but was very interested to share his story…

Meet the 24 y/o Tayga Baltacioglu Co-Founder and CEO of Multubiev a platform that operates in Istanbul and provides home services such as cleaning, child care and elderly care.

“While I was a student, me and my roommates had a huge problem in finding the right cleaning person or company. So instead of waiting someone to provide a solution for this problem I decided to build this startup. My family and friends supported me a lot last year when I was starting Multubiev and by now I can say that we are doing well and planing to expand in 5 other cities across Turkey, since we finally found the right business model. We had some struggles in the beginning, we changed the way we are outsourcing cleaning services for example, there were two critical points where I was wondering if we should continue with the business. But with hard work and the drive for succeeding, we managed to be the most innovative in the industry and most importantly we haven’t received any bad feedback from our customers in the past 6 months.” – says Tayga.

Since he was all alone in the office, I was wondering where his colleagues are and why he choose a co-working space for an office.

“The budget is one of the most important things when you are a startup. You also need to show to a potential investor that you can effectively manage your budget. Renting a desk or an office at a co-working space is the best solution when you are at the beginning of your business. Plus, you get to meet many like-minded people in here, that are always eager to help and support you. Also, since I do not attend many startup events, not that I don’t like them or that I’m not into networking, it is because someone has to do the job, so here at Kolektif House there are events and meet-ups from time to time which I attend. My colleagues also come to work from here, but most of the time they are home based, because for the moment is more appropriate and efficient for them” – adds Tayga.

I was pleasantly surprised by his way of thinking and his work ethic, especially because he is 24 y/o. As we were finishing our conversation I wished him luck with his startup and expanding and was thankful that he shared his story and maybe will inspire other young people that are thinking of starting their own businesses.

There’s another #StartUpSelfie coming from Kolektif House, so leave your e-mail and subscribe to be among the first that will get the info on who I met there.

Till then, have a great weekend!


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