#StartUpSelfie #14

So, in the previous #StartUpSelfie we talked about how it is to be a foreigner in Finland. In this one, we will see how a (born and raised in) Helsinki¬†guy, makes his way in the London startup scene. Their headquarters are in London, but¬†they also have offices in Helsinki and during his lunch break, we […]

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#StartUpSelfie #13

So this year, for the first time I had the opportunity to travel to Finland. I was soooo excited to learn more about this Scandinavian country, to get familiar with their culture, meet new people and of course explore their startup scene. There is this one place that you must visit when in Helsinki, but […]

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#StartUpSelfie #12

Several days ago I was headed to Zagreb, Croatia with a group of friends and startup enthusiasts from my hometown. We were super excited for the Balkan Venture Forum and also eager to see who will win at the Pioneers of the Balkans grand finale. Before I tell you more about the “next big things” […]

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#Storytelling via #StartUpSelfie

Saturday morning, all set and ready for my first course about Storytelling and how to write for international media. I was very excited about helding a course on this topic and also meeting the participants that are eager to learn tips and tricks about storytelling. How this all happen? Remember a couple of months ago, […]

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#StartUpSelfie #11

Silicon Drinkabout Skopje is a casual weekly meet up of folks working in tech startups or doing creative digital stuff in Macedonia. It takes place every Friday and at one of this gatherings in my hometown the Pioneers of the Balkans team joined us to meet the MKstartups community. I must admit that when I […]

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