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Saturday morning, all set and ready for my first course about Storytelling and how to write for international media. I was very excited about helding a course on this topic and also meeting the participants that are eager to learn tips and tricks about storytelling. How this all happen? Remember a couple of months ago, when I introduced you to Brainster – the startup that aims to make a revolution in education? Well since it’s launch in late October this year, local experts have set their courses on Brainster in order to share their knowledge and real world skills with people that are interested in learning.

It was an amazing experience for me, to be able to share my learnings, tips and tricks and experience with storytelling and writing for international media, but also during the 4 hours long course, we did a practical work with the participants as well. For that matter, I have invited Kosta Petrov founder and CEO of P World, one of the largest global agencies for organizing events in the world, author of three Macedonian bestsellers and from recently columnist for Huffington Post, as a special guest speaker. It was a moderated conversation and according to the discussion, the participants were assigned to do a story.


This is a bit different #StartUpSelfie and it’s written by part of the participants that attended the first course on Storytelling!

What’s the story behind? That’s the main question that people are asking in the business world. And guess what- P World also has a story behind- they are selling stories and that’s how they see their success.

“When we were starting P World, 5 years ago, I never thought of my company as a startup, I didn’t even knew what is a startup back then. But, what I always knew was that I wanted to start this company from my country and make an international success. That was my vision then and it still is now, and we are working harder than ever to accomplish that and to show that even if you are coming from a small country like ours, you can take it internationally. No matter where you are from, you need to make sure that you are serious player on the global market… and to have a story to tell, you have to send a message which will be clear and precise”-says Kosta Petrov CEO of P World.

In order to be a good corporate event organizer having a good network is also crucial. P World exists for 5 years in over 20 countries and they are successful because while they are independent and responsible, they focus on strategy and use “old school” approach in organizing and managing their organizational culture. It was time to make a change. Investing money, effort and time, all cards were on the table… P World was and still is changing reality in three unique ways. They do not manufacture events. They create experiences. P is the proud producer of numerous inspirational TV programmes and documentaries targeting regional and international business leaders, and last but not least, at P World people believe that their brand should aim to change the reality of your consumers.
PWorld represents a perfect example of how to fight brain drain in a country where this is becoming an everyday phenomena. They are strongly encouraging young people to get involved in making changes in their communities since, we are all makers and we can all contribute in the society-in case we are distributing our positive energy on positive things and projects. Having just an idea is nothing! It’s all about the implementation of that idea. You should be confident and bet on it. At the end your self-inspiration will be a driving force facing all obstacles!


Written by:
Marija Karov, Magdalena Tanevska, Elena Jovanoska, Berkan Asanovski, Ivana Savic-Georgieva, Maja Menkova, Ruzica Despotovska, Matej Petrov, Dorina Filova, Mishko Samrdzievski.
Edited by:
Nina Nikolikj

Thank you to each and every participant that made this experience one of a kind, to Kosta for being amazing guest speaker and supporter, to Brainster for making this happen!
Keep up the great work and see you in January 2016 at Storytelling part 2.

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Happy Holidays,


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