#StartUpSelfie #14

So, in the previous #StartUpSelfie we talked about how it is to be a foreigner in Finland. In this one, we will see how a (born and raised in) Helsinki guy, makes his way in the London startup scene. Their headquarters are in London, but they also have offices in Helsinki and during his lunch break, we met and set down to talk more about it.

Meet Markus Ehrnrooth, Co-Founder of Knomi a foursquare for high-end fashion. I was eager to hear what’s the story behind their startup and why London?

“I have always been into fashion and  what better way to test your idea than going to the fashion capital of the world. Because, gone are the days when going out shopping with friends was a social activity we all looked forward to. The convenience of online shopping, whether it is to save time or browse through a wide selection of brands appeals to our technology-driven, busy lives. After testing and validating the idea, after forming the right team and after getting the initial somewhat over 1 mil $ investment, we’ve built what KNOMI is today. The app lets you discover fashion from your favorite boutiques with friends and opinion leaders. You can browse, find, share and suggest the best pieces with fellow fashion lovers. We built it for the people who want fashion to be a social and shared activity. The convenience of fashion on your mobile united with your friends and your favorite boutiques. We have established collaborations with many high-end boutiques and fashion bloggers are hooked on the app. As of next year we are working on expanding to another fashion capital that is Paris.” – says Markus.

Given the fact that he started working on KNOMI couple of years ago, I was interested to find out what made him take the entrepreneurship path and what he’s learned from the involvement in the startup world, so far.

“If you are an optimist by nature than this might be for you, because with entrepreneurship, usually everything takes longer. If you already have a 9-5 it is cool, you can still have your secure income, but in your free time work on developing your idea. Even in my job, I always had that entrepreneurial bug, so at one moment I knew that I need to work for myself and my dreams. It is nice to be your own boss by the way. I would suggest when the right opportunity approaches, you should go for it, but do it smartly. As soon as you start working on your startup, you should definitely forget about free time, or weekends off. It might sounds scary, but it is more fun, and at the end of the day what matters is to be satisfied and feel happy.” – adds Markus.

It was a real pleasure talking to Markus and I promise that on my first visit to London will try the app out 🙂 Cool fact: Usually when taking selfies Markus does a crazy face aaand this is the only one (out of 5 we took) where we do look pretty decent :)) I wish him and the KNOMI team great success and a takeover of the fashion capitals in 2016. If you are into fashion and being social while shopping than do not hesitate and “get to know me” aka install KNOMI.

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