#StartUpSelfie #21

So it’s #FBF and we are back in the winter wonderland that is Tallinn. I know I have been slacking with the stories coming from that startup community (because of many ongoing activities), but in the following days you will be able to read them all. I have met a bunch of amazing people while visiting the capital of Eesti and after the 1st meeting with Mirjam from Startup Estonia the next place I went to, was Garage48 HUB where I had a scheduled meeting with the HUB manager. But in this case as soon as I entered the door, I met this guy who was improvising a “DJ set”, so I was intrigued, to learn how this Mash Machine works.

Meet Andrius Ziuraitis the Co-Founder of The Mo’Joes OÜ who have set their office as part of the Garage48 Hub and while showcasing his DJ skills I have managed to ask him some questions and learn more about their story.

“We’ve created Mash Machine with the goal of creating a simple tool for people to socialize and have fun at events and parties. Giving an opportunity for everyone to play with music as if being DJs or producers seemed a good idea. It is clearly never easy to start a business, especially if it involves production of hardware next to software. Main challenge have been to move forward from a prototype to product while bootstrapping and having a small team. Garage48 is a great place to start a project: there are many startup events and many startups being born there and the natural circulation of people, it makes it extremely easy to meet other people involved in this world. For us it is also a great location to showcase our product, considering the physical location of the hub and the number of events happening here. Getting involved in the startup community has been a fairly natural consequence of living in Estonia. Tallinn has a very active and vivid startup ecosystem and we had some personal connections prior opening the company. Participating in the events held in Tallinn helped us grow the network even further.” – says Andrius.

Even though meeting him and his team wasn’t planned, so I didn’t had any questions prepared in advanced, our conversation was flowing naturally, so I wanted to learn how they promote Mash Machine, what is their go to market strategy as well as their future plans.

“Since we have a physical product, showcasing the product works best: we travel and demo the product in event industry related conferences and trade shows, where reaching decision makers and influencers is easiest. At first we relied on the network of our first distributors to boost the initial sales. At a second stage, after collecting enough material from real events, we started to promote and boost our presence online through highly targeted ads. Personally, I enjoyed a recent project in Indonesia the most – last December I escaped rainy/snowy Estonia and played Mash Machine in Jakarta during DWP music festival. Both nights we had perfect weather, amazing crowd and plenty of smiles. We also had a longer time slot to play music than the DJs on stage! In the future we plan to expand the possibilities of our devices with new functionalities, gameplays and content, while distributing the product globally.” – he said.

It was a real pleasure meeting and talking with Andrius, but also I had a great time improvising with music with the Mash Machine. It’s a must try, you’ll be impressed with all the features. Before I left for the meeting with Susanne the HUB Manager that will be featured on StartUpSelfie next, Andrius wanted to share a piece of advise with the ones that are interested in starting their business.

“If you believe in your idea, talk to others and try to assemble a team – conquering the world alone is impossible, but talking to others widens your own understanding and might help you to make the business better.
Surely, majority of start-ups fail but failing is not the end of the world – it is a lesson learnt, so you can be better next time.” -adds Andrius.

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