#StartUpSelfie #33

Soon as I got introduced to the Brno startup scene, by the lovely ladies from JIC StarCube, I was headed to discover a new cool space in the city. A branch of the Impact Hub network is situated in a old industrial building. But, once you get inside you will encounter super cool co-working atmosphere and  interior that inspires creativity. I had  an arranged meeting to learn more about their activities, prior their Impact Hub MashUp event.


Before the people started gathering, I had the pleasure to meet and talk with Michaela Šebestová the girl responsible for hosting and events, at Impact Hub Brno. As a great host, she was eager to show me around and let me tell you, that this one is super cool Impact Hub. The non-formal atmosphere was present, the cool startup vibe was flowing as a cute pet dog approached me, circling around me, with the lively eyes, inviting me to play with him…


Let’s learn more about Michaela’s story and what’s happening at Impact Hub Brno.

“The Impact Hub in Brno is the third Hub opened in the Czech Republic. There are two others in Prague and in Ostrava and all of the Czech Hubs have the same co-founders. I  have joined the local team in Brno almost two years ago when I came back to Czech from my working internship in London. I am absolutely amazed by the mission and the culture of the Impact Hub, so I was trying to find ways in which I can join the team. In the beginning it was only  three of us preparing the opening of the space, now we are a team of 11 people and we are still growing.

We provide the working space for both freelancers and teams of all professional backgrounds. I think that the diversity is what makes the community so interesting. I believe that all of our members share the same values and they are all very hard working people. We support the community through many events based on sharing know-how, networking or educating. We also have two sub-community events such as Impact Hub IT and Impact Hub UX where we work together on real projects. We are part of a global network, so we can help with contacts for collaboration and scaling abroad. I think it is a great environment to grow. 
Also we provide acceleration through 4 programmes: Social Impact Award, 100 Days Challenge, Laboratoř Nadace Vodafone and Impact First. ” – says Michaela. 
Since the Impact Hub(s) all over the globe are focused on social entrepreneurship I wanted to learn more about the interest of the people in Brno around this topic and her thoughts.
“Our focus is on social business projects. Creating social impact through entrepreneurship is a very powerful aspect for the future of our society and we try to inspire people and show them the way. Through our acceleration programs we have numerous of teams working on solving social problems and they offer viable solutions. Everybody is invited to come to our space and have a trial day for free, because there is nothing better than getting a personal experience. We are planning to reconstruct the floor ground, extend the space and grow in acceleration programmes, in the following period, so we can welcome even more people.  When in Brno, another key actor is the South Moravian Innovation Centre (JIC) which does a great job in supporting more technology-based start-ups and companies. So, you have opportunities, you just need to go for your passion and start working hard on building your startup.” – adds Michaela.

Whenever and wherever you travel, I would highly suggest you go and visit Impact Hub in the city you are in. You will get inspired and motivated, that’s for sure. And I’m saying this from personal experience, because on my travels I always make time to stop by the Impact Hub. It was a real pleasure meeting this young and inspiring lady, I’m sure that she will welcome you warmly when you visit Impact Hub Brno and inspire you to become a social entrepreneur along the way.

Social entrepreneurship should be infiltrated in every business if you ask me. If that is your passion and you have a solution for a social problem, join the Impact Hub global network and start with your creation. NOW! 🙂


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