#StartUpSelfie #10

Soon after my meeting with Tayga, I went down the hallway to the next office to meet the lovely ladies from a not-for-profit organization that connects investors with young entrepreneurs. I was all eager to hear about their work and concept, so I set down with  Catherine Yelda Dilmener, marketing specialist at Galata Business Angels. “Galata Business […]

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#StartUpSelfie #9

Since we already established that co-working spaces are THE thing in Istanbul and I got an invite to visit another one, couple of hours before my departure, I was headed to Kolektif House. It ranks among the most popular co-working spaces in the city and as they like to say, Kolektif House believes that “we are stronger […]

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#StartUpSelfie #8

Soon as I finished with my work at Yazane, I rushed through the door for my second meeting for that day. I needed to go from Karaköy back to Bebek, so this time around I was advised to take the bus to get there faster. However I was late again (blame it on the traffic jam […]

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#StartUpSelfie #7

Summer days, I was working on a project in the beautiful city of Struga laying on the shore of Ohrid Lake. One twitter DM got me by surprise. It said that they are traveling partners, currently in the region discovering the startup scene and that they are interested to meet me. Since I wasn’t in […]

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#StartUpSelfie #6

Sunshine woke me up on a beautiful Saturday morning in Istanbul. As I was getting ready for my first meeting for the day, I was multitasking by checking the route on how to get to the meeting point and in the same time preparing a concept in my head for our conversation. Sometimes it is […]

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#StartUpSelfie a bit different

So it has been a while since my last blog post, but I have to admit that it is all because hectic traveling schedules for October. Unplanned travels turned into interesting opportunities where I’ve managed to meet amazing people from different startup communities. Now I’m back on track and more than 10 stories are waiting […]

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